• East End Crossing Partners, the private sector investor in the Lewis and Clark bridge P3 concession, installs solar panel system enabling it to reduce its environmental footprint
  • BBGI Global Infrastructure S.A. and VINCI Highways SAS, the private sector investors in the project, are currently undertaking a wide range of projects and initiatives which will positively impact our society, environment, and the communities we serve (details of these initiative are available on our website)
  • Both VINCI and BBGI have robust environmental strategies and have been drivers for the establishment of environmental quality standards for road construction and operations.
Photos: a solar panel system will help decarbonize mobility on Ohio River Bridge

East End Crossing Partners (EECP), the company that designed, constructed, and now operates the Lewis and Clark Bridge connecting the east end of Louisville and Southern Indiana, has installed a solar panel system to generate 110 percent of the O&M center’s current annual electricity consumption. EECP constructed the solar panels on the rooftop of its 6,500-square foot operations and maintenance center near Utica, Indiana.

This solar panel system utilizes net metering, a solar incentive that allows EECP to store energy in the electric grid, allowing it to offset its energy costs. The system will produce clean, pure energy from the sun and reduce the need for traditional electricity from fossil fuels. Furthermore, the system will reduce EECP’s kilowatt-hour costs associated with purchasing electricity from fossil fuels.

EECP’s adoption of solar is derived from its shareholders’  strong commitment to stewardship for the environment, aiming to reach Net Zero Emission on all its network by 2050.

“From the outset, we’ve felt a responsibility to the community to protect the environment and minimize our environmental footprint,” said Phillip Anderle, general manager of EECP. “And it’s to the benefit of Indiana taxpayers that we reduce our electricity costs. We’re proud of taking this step and excited to play a role in encouraging the greater adoption of solar throughout the region.”

EECP’s environmental commitment dates back to the East End Crossing’s construction phase, when EECP received the prestigious Envision Platinum honor from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.

“We’re striving to set the standard for highway construction, operation and maintenance companies in the region and around the nation,” Anderle said. “And our team members are proud to be doing something positive for their community.”

About East End Crossing Partners

East End Crossing Partners, formerly known as WVB East End Partners, is a leading consortium of companies that designed, constructed, and financed the Lewis and Clark Bridge and related roadway connecting the east end of Louisville with Southern Indiana since 2016. EECP is under a 35-year contract with the State of Indiana to maintain and operate 5.3 miles of four-lane roadway, 15 bridges, and the interchanges at Exit 10 and Exit 11 of SR 265 in Indiana. 

About BBGI

BBGI is a global infrastructure investment company helping to provide the responsible capital required to build and maintain the developed world’s transport and social infrastructure. BBGI’s portfolio consists of 54 high-quality projects in North America, Europe, and Australia.

For more information: www.bb-gi.com.

About VINCI Highways

VINCI Highways, a VINCI Concessions subsidiary, is a leader in road concessions, operation, and mobility services. We design, finance, build and operate motorways, bridges, tunnels, urban roads, and toll services on a network of nearly 4,000 km in 16 countries. VINCI Highways leverages its expertise to deliver the highest performance and safety standards, and to treat drivers to a positive experience.

More information: https://www.bb-gi.com